The beginning of the year is a time of parties, colorful streets and balls. Dances and loud music are interspersed with parades on the outskirts of the world’s cities, as exemplified by Rio de Janerio, the cradle of samba and yerba mate. However, it is not sunny Rio that will be our destination. So where to for the carnival? We will start the trip in Nice and later head to the Dominican carnival La Vega. Sipping coconut water and enjoying the sun’s rays, we will stray our thoughts from Caribbean corners to arrive at the port on Bird Island and the Mikolajki Hotel. Ready for a trip? Maybe, any of these places will turn out to be your vacation favorite.

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French Riviera

So where to for the carnival in the first place? The French Riviera or Côte d’Azur and Nice located on the Bay of Angels. It is the fifth-largest city in France and the second-largest in Europe for winter carnival. The annual Nice Carnival has been organized for more than 145 years, and originated from an idea whose idea was to provide entertainment for the bourgeoisie spending their winter days in the Provençal city of Nice. This year’s Carnival celebration will be held under the theme “King of Energy,” and regular attractions include the Parade of Lights in Massena Square, where a parade of puppets takes place to the rhythm of music, and the Battle of Flowers. On the famous seven-kilometer-long Promenade des Anglais, meanwhile, there will be a march, during which the public is showered with flowers. The floral “shower” has the scent of lilies, roses and mimosa. There’s no denying that this picturesque ceremony near the Old City puts many a reveler in fascination and an inextinguishable smile.

Where to for the carnival? What to do?
Carnival – where to spend it?

A rustic experience

Let’s keep rushing, where to for the carnival? Hungry for more excitement, we rush to Le Moulin de Mougins – a hotel with a restaurant in an old French village. This hotel, less than forty kilometers from Nice, is a haven where we can find solace. A state of bliss is induced there not only by the picturesque views, but also by the familiar air combined with peace, tranquility and good wine. This place will seduce you with its romantic atmosphere and exclusive cuisine that will shock your taste buds. Situated in an olive grove, the restaurant, known as “The Mill” in Polish, is the perfect place to celebrate the end of a fascinating day and relax. Le Moulin de Mougins provides a variety of activities in its offerings, including. Starting at 6pm, we can enjoy the snacks, cocktails and wine there in a cozy atmosphere. It’s a place whose idea is to mingle modern art and top-notch gastronomy, so it’s no surprise that it’s on the Michellin guide list.

With coconut in hand

An alternative to the street hustle and bustle and the cold Polish winter is the island of Saona, located off the southern coast of the Dominican Republic. Turquoise water, palm trees and a white beach give the impression that this land flowing with milk and honey is a biblical paradise. It is famous for its Caribbean rum, cigars, cacao, and coconut water – rich in essential ingredients for our bodies: magnesium, potassium, or calcium. This popular Dominican specific is also an indispensable cosmetic, one of the ingredients of which is kinetin, a natural plant growth hormone responsible for delaying the aging process. This natural and blissful spa encourages us to stay longer on the Caribbean island, but our last stop is another island – this time Bird Island on Lake Nikolai.

Carnival - ideas for spending it
Carnival – where to spend it?

On the Polish islands

Where to go for carnival in Poland? A magical place that allows you to regenerate and recover lost vitality is certainly the Mikolajki hotel. This secluded complex located on Bird Island is surrounded by nature and a romantic aura. Here the feeling of delight is sure to put you in a reverie and a well-deserved rest. The hotel in Mikolajki is also a good idea for a weekend for two, where taking advantage of the beauty of the surrounding nature, you can easily gain strength and motivation. When going for a short vacation to a Mikolajki hotel, it is also worth paying attention to thematic packages tailored to upcoming occasions and events. An example is the “Winter Relaxation at the Spa” package lasting 3 days, which includes a series of massages, scrubs, relaxation treatments and aroma rituals. What can we expect from such an outing? First of all, the balance of body and mind, achieved through a series of aromatic seances and relaxation – away from everyday responsibilities.

Where to for the carnival? Ideas
Carnival – where to spend it?

Now you have nothing left to do but to choose your destination – after all, “even the farthest journey begins with the first step.”


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