Norway is a country that is considered one of the best to live in. It is usually in the top TOP 5. It’s a huge country with lots of wilderness, beautiful landscapes and smug people. But there are many more reasons to plan a vacation in Norway. This is an alternative for those who are bored with traveling to warm countries or are simply looking for something different. And what awaits us in Norway is one of a kind and we won’t see it anywhere else in the world. It’s not just the fjords, waterfalls and aurora borealis that attract tourists from around the world, discover the beauty of Norway.

Land of the fjords

The fjords, despite the fact that they are also located in Alaska, Iceland, Greenland or New Zealand, are undoubtedly Norway’s calling card. Listed by UNESCO, they are stunning and breathtaking in every season. It is a kind of deep bay that cuts deeply into the land. Tourists from all over the world draw crowds to see them. And there really is something. Fjords can be found as early as Oslo walking through Aker Brygge, the most expensive district in the city. Both the view from the window and the location make them some of the most expensive apartments in the world. However, you can see the fjords by traveling along the entire country, as there are well over a thousand of them. The most famous of these are Nordfjord, Trollfjord, Hjørundfjord or Sognefjord.

Geiranger Fjord is also very famous. It is one of the most visited fjords in Norway. The famous Seven Sisters waterfalls are located there. To see them at their best, it is worth opting for a boat cruise on the fjord. The cost of such a cruise is in the range of 600 crowns per person (about 260 PLN).

When planning your vacation in Norway, you should also have one of the most famous fjords-Lysefjorden-on your list. That’s where the famous photos come from, where people stand on an overhanging rock. This rock is the Preikestolen cliff, one of Norway’s most famous tourist attractions. The cliff also made it into the Top 10 most beautiful viewpoints in the world. The best way to get there from Stavanger is by car.

IMG 8744gentlewoman -
Aurlandsfjord located 4.5 hours by car from Oslo.

Most of the fjords can be seen by traveling by car. They are usually accessed by winding serpentine roads, which are stunning in themselves. It’s also a trip for people with strong nerves, as the roads are very narrow, often without any barriers, plus you have to dodge cars coming from the opposite direction. The cost of renting a car in Norway is about £1,000 per week. This price is comparable to other European countries. However, fuel prices should also be taken into account, and these vary between 24 and 30 kroner per liter (about PLN 11-14).

You can see the mountains not only in winter

Norway is also a paradise for mountain lovers. The most that can be compared with our Polish Bieszczady Mountains. There are two huge ski resorts – Hemsedal and Trysil. Hemsedal is even called the Norwegian Alps. The small mountainous, yet charming town provides everything we need to actively spend time in nature. In winter there is an open ski slope both with marked trails and places where you can practice so-called freeride. There you don’t have to worry about snow and bad weather conditions. Winter in Hemsedal begins as early as October and ends even in May. To get there, the best way is to arrive in Oslo by plane, and then transfer to a train that will take you there. The road is really charming and takes 4.5 hours. The cost of a train ticket is about £200.

IMG 8751gentlewoman -
The ski slope in Hemsedal.

Scandinavia is also worth visiting in spring or summer. This is an ideal place for trekking or extreme cycling. Expeditions are organized in groups or you can do it alone. In this case, it is best to equip yourself with a helmet, pads, a substantial supply of water and a compass. In deep forests, coverage is often lacking, so a phone may be unnecessary. Hiking in the local mountains allows you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy unforgettable views.

A journey in search of trolls

The Troll Road is perhaps the most famous route in Scandinavia. This is where the world’s only “Caution Trolls” road sign is located . Trollstigveien is very winding and steep, but there is no shortage of enthusiasts who would like to conquer it at all. It can only be traversed by a small car or bicycle. It consists of as many as eleven serpentines, which are colloquially known as the “Troll Tongue.” It stretches for 55 kilometers, plus special viewing terraces have been built for tourists. The truth is, however, that it is so beautiful there that one would want to stop literally every few dozen meters. When going there for a ride in winter, you should be aware that in places it may be closed to traffic due to severe weather conditions. In summer, on the other hand, it is best to go there early in the morning, when there will be fewer tourists, and thus the road will be much more pleasant and easier.

It is also interesting to note that the world’s first eco-friendly 5G base station powered by solar, wind and hydrogen has been built on Trollstigveien.

Wildlife, hiking and campervan

Norway, despite appearances, is a very large country. Its area is more than 380,000 square kilometers. At the same time, its population level is really small, as the land of the fjords is inhabited by only about 5 million people. This means that in many places it is hard to look for a person. All of this makes many travelers in Norway opt for a campervan trip. Norwegian law allows us to camp literally anywhere we feel like it. And it doesn’t matter if we want to spend the night by the lake or maybe somewhere deep in the forest, we can calmly stay there and enjoy the peace and quiet. In the morning, we are awakened by birdsong or… the tapping of antlers against the camper window. Elk, deer and reindeer are not in short supply there. They can be found really everywhere. Thus, hiking in the wilderness of Norway becomes an unforgettable experience. Glacial lakes, dense forests, wilderness and animals are something that awaits us only in Scandinavia.

IMG 8745gentlewoman -
You can camp anywhere in Norway.

It is also interesting to note that in Norway it is very popular to rent hytt, or so-called small year-round houses. Most of them are suitable for both summer and winter use. They are equipped with everything necessary including wood to light the fireplace. Inside there is a typical Scandinavian style. There are usually keys in the door, so you can use them when you need to. Their owners leave their bearings inside so that everyone can pay the lodging fee. This is the order of the day, as Norwegians trust people and are very helpful.

Unusual aurora borealis

The aurora borealis is something that attracts thousands of tourists to the land of fjords. Everyone would like to see it with their own eyes at least once. And there is what! It is easiest to catch it in the north of the country, but it also often comes down much lower in the area around Lillehammer (yes, here is the famous Olympic village). Aurora, otherwise known as aurora, is nothing more than a colorful light phenomenon in the sky. This dance of colors in the sky is created when energized gas particles sent out by the sun hit the Earth’s upper atmosphere at high speed. Then we can see a whole palette of colors, from different shades of pink, through blue and green.

Due to the fact that it is very long in spring and summer in Norway (the so-called white nights), the aurora is best observed in winter. The prerequisite is a completely cloudless sky and a vantage point away from the city lights . To track the aurora borealis and the frequency of its occurrence, it is worth downloading the popular Aurora app to your phone.

Blue water in Ålesund

Lofoten is one of the most beautiful places not only in all of Norway, but also in the world. This remarkable archipelago in the Norwegian Sea stretches as far as 112 kilometers. The Lofoten Islands are thousands of tiny islands that can be reached by connecting bridges or ferries that run as frequently as Warsaw city buses. Clear, turquoise water and red wooden houses are the hallmark of Lofoten. This majestic view awaits tourists only in this one place on earth. Life there is much slower, and residents are mainly engaged in fishing. To get there, the best way is to fly to Bodø by plane, then rent a car or take a ferry. The cost of airline tickets ranges from PLN 100-200 round trip. The ferry ride takes less than 4 hours, and a ferry ticket costs less than PLN 100.

The Lofoten Islands have been the scene of conflict between environmentalists and the local government for years. This is because there are oil deposits in the area. In practice, this means that oil rigs would have to be built there, which would not only disturb the animals and residents, but also spoil this remarkable landscape.

Atlantic Ocean Road

The Atlantic Ocean Road is one of the most beautiful yet dangerous routes in the entire world. During storms, it is usually closed, as high waves effectively make it impossible to cross there. For residents, this means they are completely cut off from the world. During the construction of the road, hurricanes hit the site as many as 12 times, so it took almost six years. The Atlantic Ocean Road section itself is less than 9 km long and is an extension of National Road 64. It is also considered the Norwegian design of the century. It consists of bridges, causeways and numerous viewpoints worth stopping at.

IMG 8741gentlewoman -
Traveling along the Atlantic Ocean Road, we have the feeling that we are moving through the water.

It is also a starting point for fishing enthusiasts. One of the bridges was specially designed so that it is safe to fish from it.

Norwegian architecture

Norway’s architecture is very different from the one we know in our neighborhood. Materials that are readily available, such as wood and stone, are used to build the houses. The houses are small and with sloping roofs so that snow can slide off them.

Norway is also famous for its beautiful colorful buildings. The most popular place to see them is Bergen, a city at the junction of the North Sea and Norwegian Sea. The city itself is also known as the gateway to the fjords and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The colorful wooden structures found in Bergen are Bryggen, a series of Hanseatic commercial buildings. Most of them are closed today and can only be viewed from the outside. However, there are a few that you can enter and see what they look like from the inside. It houses souvenir stores and cafes. There are planes from Poland to Bergen even several times a day, and tickets can be purchased within a few dozen zlotys round trip. Bergen is also a great base for visiting places like Ålesund and Stavanger.

IMG 8743gentlewoman -
Bryggen is the most famous tourist attraction in Bergen.

Similar colorful wooden houses can also be seen in Trondheim. A stroll through the famous old town of Bakklandet, where wooden houses and merchants’ warehouses from the 17th and 18th centuries stand on stilts above the Nidelva River, can draw you in for hours. The narrow, charming streets allow you to forget the hustle and bustle of the city. In the surrounding cafes you can enjoy coffee outside at any time of the year . This is because Norwegians believe that there is no bad weather, only the clothing is bad.

IMG 8742gentlewoman -
We can also find the famous colorful buildings in Trondheim.

Winter, glaciers and bears on the streets

Norway’s undoubted attraction is also the famous Svalbard. We can get there by plane, which lands in Longyearbyen. The cost of a plane ticket from Oslo is in the range of 3 thousand zlotys. It is a province located in the Arctic Ocean, where there are two polar bears for every resident. If anyone has ever heard stories of bears walking the streets of Norway, this is the place. As a result, residents of the area not only should, but are even obligated to carry guns with them even when going to the store. Svalbard is also home to numerous glaciers, which are a must-see for climbing enthusiasts.

In addition, the place is famous for having only two seasons: polar winter and polar summer. In practice, this means that in winter there is total darkness for more than two months, and in summer the opposite – the sun never sets.

Norwegian cuisine

Unlike Italian or Spanish cuisine, Norwegians do not have their typical distinctive cuisine. However, it is undoubtedly worth trying the fish there, especially cod and salmon. They are prepared here in a variety of ways: boiled, fried, grilled, smoked and even sun-dried. Norwegians are very fond of all sorts of dried meats (including reindeer meat), which can be bought at any supermarket and taken on a trip.

While in Norway, it is also a must to try brown cheese. Brunost is a cheese that can only be found in Scandinavia. It is produced from a combination of cow’s and goat’s milk whey. Delicate, melt-in-your-mouth and goes with everything! It will go perfectly with both salty crackers and waffles with jam.

The happiest country you should visit

If you have already learned the reasons for visiting Norway then you know that it is a truly unique place. You can get there either by plane, ferry or by car by taking the route through Germany and Denmark. The truth is that no matter how long a stay you plan, you certainly won’t be bored. Scandinavia hides many secrets and places that are worth discovering on your own. There you can forget about civilization and give yourself completely to nature.


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