The interview with Marta Zalewska is full of surprising twists and turns. Why? Because she is a flesh and blood artist. He sings, composes, writes lyrics and plays many instruments. She made her debut in 2016 and has been conquering the music scene ever since. As an artist, she draws inspiration from the music of the 1960s. The company was founded in the 1970s, but is always looking for its own means of expression.

what marta zalewska loves

She loves nature and, as she says, her musical soul is green in color.
Marta Zalewska, in a conversation with Basia Flow Adamczyk, talks about her artistic path and how, as she gets older, she begins to appreciate inner harmony, the art of letting go and her femininity.The interview is part of the “GentleWoman Talks” series, a program in conjunction with the international collective The Daffodils Art Project.

Subtitles by GentleWoman Talks & The Daffodils

Artist: Marta Zalewska

Directed by: Basia Flow Adamczyk

by Basia Flow Adamczyk


Marta Zalewska

photos :Tom Mielcarz

Edit: Julia Malinowska Instagram:


production :The Daffodils Art Community Facebook:


Photos:Agnieszka Kiepuszewska, Klaudia Krupa, Tomek Ślesicki, Xawery Zamoyski

Excerpts of music videos: No worries, Automata, Marta Zalewska “More”

Music: Marta Zalewska/Krzysztof Pacan

Lyrics: Marta Zalewska

Production: Krzysztof Pacan/Marta Zalewska


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