What does the dream of a house mean? How a dream about a house is explained

A remarkable, original, unique dream about a house shows, presents, reveals the personality of the dreaming person. The living area of the house signifies, shows, symbolizes security and comfort. The attic is like a storage room, a cache of memories. The basement of the house means, symbolizes intuition and what is subconscious, unseen, unobvious. The basement hides preserves, and a person’s memory helps hide unimportant things, trivial matters.

The house in dreams has unseen meanings

A dream about a house, a building is showing the personality, character, good qualities of a person. It shows the dreaming person, his thoughts, feelings and emotions, emotional states. It accentuates vitality and health. A house is many details, infinite elements – a new house means success, an old house means stability. A house that is in decline is the downfall, the failure of a person. In a dream, you can see, behold, observe a variety of houses and look for a solution to a problem, a trouble, a complexity in such dreams. The building with the red roof is a reward for all the efforts, endeavors, attempts. A dream about a house speaks of a lack of security and self-confidence. The house is a place full of attractions, perfectly suited for daily life. It gives a sense of stability, allows you to start a new family.

Brick house means wealth,prosperity, life success. A stranger in the house means danger, intrusion or other unpleasant event, event. Poles appreciate houses and want to live nicely in them. A dream about such a place may express the aspiration to buy your own home.


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