What is the meaning of games in a dream? What do the dream games mean?

Games are present in human life, the existence of many people. In the past, they used to be board games, and today they are computer games or in mobile apps. Play means fun, it means entertainment, time well spent and pleasant, pleasant, friendly company. Reckless conduct, careless behavior can mean game. It is an aversion to learning, work, responsibilities, obligations.

The game of soccer is about success, results, good performance and earning big, good, decent money. The game of chess demonstrates life’s wisdom, prudence, and reason and prudence. Gambling is a warning against overconfidence and a tendency to laziness. Gambling games warn against confidence, which is a very big, significant danger.

Cards and games in dreams signify different things

The cards foreshadow, foretell, foretell problems, complications and setbacks. Bowling and billiards is a nice, pleasant, useful time spent, fun, festivities. Those who play bowling can expect to be invited to an important, significant, meaningful event such as a wedding.

Games are entertainments, sometimes mindless and not requiring great intellectual focus. Losing in a dream means success, success in life. Winning games of chance signifies, signifies a loss in life: loss, loss of work, employment, financial loss or problems, complications in interpersonal relationships, with other people.


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