How to translate the key dream? What does the key dream mean?

The key appears, it is present in daydreams. Dreams, daydreams of this kind occur when a person completes a certain stage of life, a certain phase of existence. Finding the key means, signifies, symbolizes the solution of a mystery or the recovery, the certain acquisition of what was stolen, was stolen. Losing the key means a serious, big warning against slander from other people, people. The key hidden in the pocket is a mystery, it means a secret that must be solved, must be known, must be explored. Receiving the key heralds a very hot affair, an extremely passionate relationship, a great love. Each person has a chance for a relationship when the key is whole. A broken, damaged, broken key is a break in a certain continuity.

The key, or what the dream about it means

Breaking, damaging, breaking the key in the lock symbolizes, signifies, marks the fear and uncertainty of action, activity. The keys have a mystical meaning, symbolizing mysticism. They symbolize, signify, denote understanding, knowledge, exploration of the world of the other, the other, the universe. The keys are an aid to exploring, exploring, exploring the spiritual world. Through it, it allows you to better understand, to know, to explore reality. The key is an excellent night’s sleep, largely positive. It has some negative features, which, however, are not a tragedy, the end of the world. Without a key, it is impossible to get into an apartment, office or other place.


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