Dance out reality - an interview with Alina Sokulskaya

Alina Sokulskaya is an internationally known and acclaimed dancer, choreographer and performer originally from Kiev. She began her adventure in dance at the age of 3 with the role of a chicken in a school play. And even though she was already appreciated at the time, it took her a good few years to figure it out. “Dance out reality” – an interview with Alina Sokulskaya conducted by Basia Flow Adamczyk allows us to understand the artist’s point of view.


“You become an artist when you have something to say with art.” These words from Alina echo throughout the conversation. This has special resonance especially now, during the war in Ukraine. Because according to her, life and art are inextricably linked. When the war began, Alina did not give up her dance classes as most of her friends did. Why? Because dance is medicine, only through it can he survive. 

Join us for a touching journey into the soul of Alina. 

Dance out reality - an interview with Alina Sokulskaya
Alina Sokulska 13.10.2019 | David Poul |

Basi Flow Adamczyk conducts GentleWoman Talks film interviews, during which she talks with the Artists who make up the international collective The Daffodils Art Project. During this format, the whole world awaits us and fascinating conversations with amazing representatives of all kinds of art fields, coming from different cultures and latitudes.


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