Liza Taste is a sought-after fashion blogger… and culinary blogger! She brilliantly combined the two passions to create the blog TasteofTraveling by Liza Taste. What sets it apart? He always adapts his styling perfectly to the interior of the restaurant or the look of the dish. In addition, Liza Taste is a producer and presenter of television programs.

On his blog, he talks about his passion for travel and culinary conquests from different parts of the world. He reveals much more to us… Liza Taste fashion and food, or surely just that.

Liza, you were born in Estonia. What do the people of your home country cook most often? What dish could you prepare with your eyes closed?
In Estonia, society is divided into Russian and Estonian – I belong to the latter, so I cook the delicacies of Russian cuisine with my eyes closed. Unfortunately, Estonia has nothing to boast about in terms of cuisine, but we do have good beer.

You currently live in Warsaw and are looking for new flavors there. What restaurants in this city have stolen your heart? Where can you be found most often?
I love Mosaic for its breakfasts, Mezze and Mango Vegan Bistro for its delicious hummus and falafels. I fell in love with Palmier, and the decor of this restaurant stole my heart. If for prosecco it is only there! I also visit Koszyki, where you can try dishes from all over the world and meet lots of friends.

Liza Taste - what can't you miss at a dinner party for friends?
Liza Taste – styling

When you prepare a dinner for friends, what can’t be missing from it?
During my dinner party, products from the Picola Italia store and Italian cuisine must not be missing. I lived in Italy for several years, so mozzarella, mortadella, ciabata with olive oil and delicious cheeses are a must have for me for a successful evening.

Could you recommend any secret places in Warsaw where to get fresh produce?
During my dinner party, products from the Picola Italia store and Italian cuisine must not be missing. I lived in Italy for several years, so mozzarella, mortadella, ciabata with olive oil and delicious cheeses are a must have for me for a successful evening.

What does your ideal menu look like, from start to finish?
Good question… I eat a lot, but I try to do it regularly. My ideal menu looks as follows:
7:30 Breakfast: warm water with honey and lemon, accompanied by a delicious homemade cake.
10.30 Second breakfast: a cottage cheese and raspberry tomato sandwich with sourdough bread or a good nutritious smoothie with banana, pear, kiwi, mango and goji berries.
1 p.m. Lunch: a big bowl of soup or a nutritious salad with eggs, tuna and roasted nuts.
17.00 Dinner: hummus with eggplant, pickles, pita and falafel.

Liza Taste - what does the ideal menu look like?
Liza Taste and its perfect menu

Is there anything you didn’t like until you tried it in a new combination of flavors?
I didn’t like seafood until I lived in Italy. Once in a while I like to indulge in marine debauchery, but there will never be an octopus on my plate – it’s too intelligent a creature for me.

Taste of Travelling is not only about food, but also about travel. What are your favorite places to travel to and what can never be missing from your suitcase?
I love Italy the most. I have been to many places but Italy uniquely affects me. When I go on a trip, my suitcase cannot lack sunscreen, denim shorts, a white t-shirt and comfortable sneakers. Plus your favorite perfume, matte lipstick and plenty of moisturizing body cream.

Let’s move on to the icing on the cake that is your style. I found information that you were a model and a stylist. However, you decided to go your own way, creating the idea of “Cookish Stylish.” Where did you get the idea for just such a combination of cuisine and fashion?
This is quite a long story. I worked at Missoni in London as a stylist for about a year and a half, and after arriving in Poland I took up producing photo shoots. I also lived in Italy, where I absolutely fell in love with the celebration of meals and the life going on around the table. All the time I was accompanied by the thought that I wanted to create something unique. One day I was driving from the Tri-City area to Warsaw to study, and I got the idea to combine the two things I love most: fashion and food. That’s how my first blog evolved into Taste of Traveling, which I created under my TV show of the same name.

Liza Taste - model, blogger, stylist
Model and stylist Liza Taste

What is your skin care routine?
I apply moisturizer to my body and face, then light foundation, mascara, lipstick and bronzer to my cheeks.

What advice would you give to women? What have you learned about womanhood yourself that you would like to pass on to others?
I could probably write an essay on the subject (laughs). What I would like to convey is that we women should remember our femininity and our role in the world. Everyone is now screaming about feminism, about how a woman is strong and independent. Yes, I agree with this. I am also strong and independent, and at the same time I am sensitive and romantic I am not at all ashamed of this and do not hide it. I believe that as a young woman I have experienced a lot in life, because I quickly became a mother and moved out of the house at an early age. As a woman, but also a mother, I love to take care of the house, cook dinner for my loved ones and iron a mountain of towels. I believe that this is what guys love us for: we can create family warmth, give birth to children and do a thousand things at once. This has been the case since the beginning of existence on this earth. I think that the more we make a man out of ourselves, the more men are afraid of us and push us away. And they even prefer to go to another guy. It’s sad. So let’s remember our femininity and sensitivity, because this is the most beautiful thing about us and we should not hide it.

Thank you for the interview.

Liza Taste - femininity
Liza Taste on femininity


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