What does the dream about flowers mean? How to translate a dream about flowers?

Dream, flower dreams are special, unique, original, remarkable. Everyone likes, loves, adores flowers, greenery, surroundings that are associated with vacations and pleasant leisure activities. Such dreams mean, mark, symbolize the fulfillment of dreams, desires. They also attest to having loyal and very good friends. Dreams of this kind are positive, good, give a lot of emotions, good feelings and make you want to live, function. Plants symbolize good, positive, best relations with other people, people. Such dreams, daydreams can be wished for and desired always, often, as often as possible.

Flowers have more than one meaning in a dream

Withered, disorderly flowers signify the fall, the end, the end of the emotional, love life, bad, bad emotions. Less often, however, such flowers appear in people’s dreams, daydreams. Mostly dreams, daydreams are full of colorful flowers, which are beautiful, striking, the best. They can be roses, freesias or gerberas. The bunches, bouquets of field flowers signify freshness, the beginning of feelings or love in its initial stage, the beginning stage. Tranquility, joy and relaxation are unifying connotations associated with flowers. Flowers in a dream delight, bring joy, give great pleasure. Without them, life would be poor and would not please anyone, any person. Many people choose beautiful flowers and like to surround themselves with them. On a daily basis, flowers decorate homes. In a dream, they express feelings, emotions and desires.


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