What does a dream about a swan mean? How to translate the swan dream?

The swan is a beautiful, impressive, gorgeous bird. The singing swan symbolizes, means reciprocated feelings, feelings accepted by the other party, and the dying swan represents dying, the end of feelings. Swan on the water signifies the need to think about what is happening in a person’s life, to reflect on what is happening in a person’s existence. The white bird heralds, signifies, symbolizes good luck and prosperity, success and exceptional achievements, big money and life’s fortune. Swan emaciated, skinny, modest-looking, emaciated, means poverty, lack of money. A snow-white swan is an announcement of an engagement or wedding. Means engagement, wedding or nice moments, a sign of strong and lasting affection. The black swan signifies, symbolizes, shows the unpleasant, sad, bad consequences of deeds, what to beware of. The swan on the cake as an ornament, decoration, accessory symbolizes happiness, joy, contentment, success and all that is best and extremely successful, desirable.

How to read the swan dream?

Swan in most cases, in numerous situations means, symbolizes, foreshadows positive, best things. Happiness, joy, prosperity, success, contentment best describe such a dream. The departing, disappearing swan means that something in life is coming to an end, is coming to an end, will not continue and can neither be repeated nor stopped. Sleeping swan means peace and moments full of relaxation.


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