How to translate the blood dream? What does the dream about blood mean?

The dream about blood means, denotes life, energy, a fair amount, a dose of vitality. Blood is also limitations and anxiety, apprehension, fear. The blood flowing from the wound symbolizes passion, the will to live, passion, the desire to live life at full speed. Spitting blood is a harbinger of a very serious, even fatal disease. Clotted blood means fast, instant, immediate execution of plans and fulfillment, realization of dreams, desires. Unreal, impossible dreams are bound to come true, have a good chance of coming true, will be realized. Blood is life, and blood in a dream describes all signs of life.

Blood dream has many meanings

Blood present on the wall is a sign that another person is trying to harm the dreamer, trying to harm the sleeping person. Blood on the hands symbolizes harm, a problem, a complication. Drinking blood is a sign of the desire to live, the need to live an excellent and very busy life. Blood in the cup means, predicts that the person does not use the talents and opportunities he has. Clothing with blood stains means, means that the enemy desires, wants, intends to destroy the person experiencing such a dream. Bloodbath is a promotion at work, a raise, a financial allowance and the realization of one’s dreams, one’s desires. Dreams of blood signify longing, the pursuit of success in life and excellent results in professional work.


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