How to translate a dream about a cat? What does a dream about a cat mean?

A cat is a very unique animal, affectionate and secretive, attacking and licking, very dual and not obvious. It is nice, warm, cuddly, eager to cuddle. The kitten is special, unique, the best and has a lot to offer, assure. Sometimes the cat dreams, appearing in daydreams. Dreams in which the protagonist is a cat are quite common, popular. Cat in a dream symbolizes, means sexual passion, passion, tenderness, closeness. It also signifies concern and restrictions, limits. It also shows self-control, tenderness, adultery. The cat also symbolizes love, tenderness, closeness, and its shining eyes express, show, symbolize feelings.

A cat has more than one name. Dreams with a cat show many emotions and possibilities.

The red cat signifies desire, fire and passion. The white cat represents purity, innocence, youth, immaturity. A dream about such a cat can symbolize a longing for youth, young years. A cat accompanied by a dog symbolizes, means friendship in spite of everything. A cat catching a mouse means, shows danger and a no-win situation. The cat rules human life, sometimes plays with it and changes people’s lives really perfectly, really fast. Scratching cat warns of danger, conflict, difficult situation. Aggressive cat means a warning, symbolizes difficult times – it tells you to guard yourself and take care of the tasks at work. Lack of caution is often associated with loss of work, loss of employment. A black cat in a dream brings fortune, it can also be a source of bad luck. It is worth remembering this and carrying out your tasks and activities, actions.


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