What is the meaning of bed sleep? How does the bed translate?

Bed in a dream means rest, relaxation. Another meaning is love relationship, love connection and romance consummated very quickly, instantaneously. Most often this dream happens to busy, hard-working people – doctors or businessmen. A large, soft, comfortable and convenient bed is a symbol of exceptional rest, rest, relaxation and well-being, the right emotions. The big bed is truly a royal relaxation, a rest.

Bedtime dream is a popular nighttime dream

An empty bed is dreamt of as a foreshadowing of separation, separation, divorce from a husband or wife, sometimes also death, the end of life. A double bed means good business, symbolizing making money. Bed made up is a change of residence or a very long trip. The woman dreams of the bed as a symbol, a sign of a new romance about to happen. A dirty, messy, soiled bed symbolizes family happiness, successful family life. Lying in bed is loneliness or imminent marriage, instant marriage. Sitting at the bedside of a girl means marriage, marriage, change of marital status. A tidy, clean, bedded bed is associated with the acquisition of durable material goods. A young person dreaming of a bed will quickly change marital status. A young man in whose dreams a bed appears will marry as soon as possible. Most of the meanings of this dream are quite positive, giving hope for a change of fortune.


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