New York City view above, fot. Marcela Nowak

The plan view of New York City makes a great impression. Thicket of spectacular skyscrapers seems to be like a concrete forest. Don’t forget how many people live and work in each of them… Did you know that New York City is the most populous city in the United States? Incredible… The most famous and remarkable of five boroughs of New York City is Manhattan. Modern, fast, full of life. First of all, it is associated with business, this is a place where is located, well known to all, Wall Street and there was also World Trade Center. We can’t forget about fashion, luxury and of course artistic side of this city. It’s a grateful place to portray by eye of camera. This is where unforgettable characters had theirs adventures. Here Carrie Bradshaw from Sex at the city was running with her extremely high heels, little Kevin had lost and of course the most famous group of Friends was made the audience laugh to tears. There are some special places to take pictures of Manhattan, for example from the top of Empire States Building or from the Rockefeller Center, the view is amazing. Especially at night, it’s majestic, full of lights, simply beautiful. Thinking of one more of my favorite place to make photos of Manhattan I can’t miss Brooklyn Bridge and the Dumbo. It’s a perfect place to admire Manhattan. In addiction Brooklyn is also an interesting place to visit. There is a lot of greens, thanks to large amounts of parks. And, of course, a specific, insular climate, in opposite to windy Manhattan where you can feel the ocean breeze.

Brooklyn Bridge view, fot. Marcela Nowak


A landmark of Coney Island, the Parachute Jump, fot. Marcela Nowak

Symbol of Coney Island? Definitely the landmark of this district can’t exist without the Parachute Jump, which was a beloved ride while in service from the 1940s to 1960s. Now it’s an iconic construction of survival and resurrection, known as Brooklyn’s Eiffel Tower, whose visitors are sure to recognize this towering landmark among the Coney Island skyline. Originally built in 1939 for the New York World’s Fair in Queens, it moved to Steeplechase in 1941 and has remained a permanent fixture. During its run, the ride was attracting half million riders annually. Despite its popularity, riders were sometimes stranded in mid-air or tangled in cables, which forced its closure in 1964. However, many people advocate for its reopening and they comment frequently the joy they have experienced, keeping the spirit of this ride alive. Thinking about landscape of Brooklyn you can’t miss Luna Park at Coney Island. Amusement park which is next to the beach is a wonderful place to have fun. Sun, large sandy beach, the sound of the ocean and happy voices comes out of the Luna park… This part of New York City is a little bit old-school, it’s a great choice to visit it during the summer, you can leave a crowded city and spend time next to the Atlantic Ocean. Huge ferry wheel and one of the oldest still working wooden rollercoaster, these attractions let you feel like you have come back to the childhood. Do you know how to make a day on the Coney Island better and feel like a real American? Try delicacies of the local food, like hot dogs or burgers, here you don’t have to count calories!

PepsiCola sign, fot. Marcela Nowak

Who couldn’t recognize the logo which belongs to one of the most popular American brand? In 1940 this neon was on the top of PepsiCola bottling plant building. Now this sign is just a memory, which reminds of this construction. After 28 years of discussing this project became a symbol of Queens. I tried to capture by the eye of my camera that this little part of history looks still alive.

Classic view from Tudor City, fot. Marcela Nowak

In 1920 Fred F. French company bought a large part of eastern downtown of Manhattan in order to build a big apartments project. When they finally finished it in 1928, the complex included 12 apartment blocks, each of them had 3000 flats and 600 hotel rooms. When you look at this photography you can only imagine how many unusual stories could happened on this street. One more time the seemingly simple static photo appears to be dynamic, almost vivid thanks to lights.

Tribute in Light view, fot. Marcela Nowak

How you can notice my whole exhibition is inspired by various forms of lights. That’s why I could not miss a photo of Tribute in Light, which is a commemorative public art installation made of 88 searchlights and placed six blocks south of the World Trade Center on top of the Battery Parking Garage. It was presented for the first time six months after 9/11 and then every year thereafter, from dusk to dawn, on the night of September 11. It has become an iconic symbol that both honors those killed and celebrates the unbreakable spirit of New York City.

Stone Street, New York City, fot. Marcela Nowak

Can you imagine the sound of heels on Cobblestone street? It’s a silent night on this narrow stone street in the heart of the Financial District. The shops were closed while I was walking around trying to find some new inspiration. I really appreciate this moment, just me and the city. It’s incredible that it was the first street paved with stone in the city. A long time ago it was a small Dutch farming and trading colony called New Amsterdam. It was originally paved in 1658, when Wall Street was still a wooden wall built as a protective barrier at the northern edge of New Amsterdam… An intuitive sense of timing to capture the moment. Click, that’s what I call magic.

New York City view, fot. Marcela Nowak

What New York City is really like? It’s a little bit too dirty, a little bit too loud, rough and often doesn’t really smell too good either. But if u forgive this you can truly fall in love. How we can hear in the one of the most popular song in the world, New York is a city that doesn’t sleep. I want to show to a wider audience that’s not necessarily true. In my photos you can spot that I try to create a composition of vivid lights and static of almost sleeping town. Each of five New York City district has its own history, unique climate, different type of inhabitants. But this eclectic combination makes that this city is even more interesting and full of colors.


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