Question about timelessness

There are some decor elements which will always look good and which will make the interior a beautiful, warm and practical space. The key is usually in simplicity, which is always à la mode, and if it’s not its place is temporarily taken by crazy and eccentric spaces. There are a couple of guidelines which will make the space we are living in full of happiness and positive energy.

But is there any definition of the appearance of classic and timeless space? Its main feature for sure is that whether it was designed ten, twenty or fifty years ago, we still want to live in it. However, it’s hard to find the stores with the trade sing ‘Here you will find classic, timeless furniture’ – instead we are bombarded with spaces straight from the popular Swedish chain store. We all have a need for uniqueness and personalization especially when we are facing the challenge of arranging the space – then we want everything to be exceptional.

Inspiring interiors

We can find inspiration everywhere, even in a Japan culture. Feng Shui is a traditional method of arranging the space, in which the most important thing is to achieve the balance between nature and the things created by man. It is worth to take into consideration this rule during the arrangement of our flat – inner balance has an enormous impact on the balance of our soul.

The ideas can also be found in the current trends. One of the most popular direction is the one marked by northern simplicity. Norwegian interiors are becoming the perfect example of well balanced and minimalistic space. The inhabitants of cold countries know how to arrange cozy spaces. They create them by using colors such as gray, warm beige and white – the most characteristic shades for such style.

Plenty of ideas, how to design classic interior, we can find in movies – just watch some Woody Allen. In his creations, there is plenty of inspirations which can be successfully adapted to live and our four walls. 'A single man’ is the perfect example with leather coaches, oak tables and the warm from the interiors shown in this movie perfectly reflects the classical decor.

Classic in fashion

It was marked earlier that timelessly is most off all simplicity as well as solid fabrics which are essential to the longevity of our interior. Wood and other natural materials always look good and above all they will last for years which is why we should invest more in them.

It’s not worth to follow every trend, which is conquering every colorful catalog. Usually, trends are disappearing faster than they appear and the pattern on the wall made with ornament roller will be pleasing only for a year, and then we will realize that we need a quick refreshment.

Psychology of four walls

When we areplanning the arrangement of our interior not many of us is wondering how it will affect our mentality. It’s not only the color of the walls but also the way we place the objects in our space. Two, red candlesticks in the partnership corner is not a coincident. Psychology of interiors refers to Feng Shui, and it’s much broader topic than it seems. One of the main theories is telling us to have a long conversation with ourselves no matter if we are planning to change the arrangement of our space or not. We have the opportunity to learn a lot about ourselves by observing the surrounding things. Understanding and implementation of the psychology of interior design improves performance, efficiency, and well-being of the resident.

Very often we are caught in a trap of designing the interior which is too functional. Certainly, it’s really important, but it shouldn’t determine all the steps – aesthetic and the image which is pleasant for an eye is the key to well-being.



Recepie for elengant interior

No one knows how to decorate interiors as well as the person that deals with it on a daily basis. We decided to ask Magdalena Nowak-Trzęsiok, who is the furniture designer in Novelle salon, about her opinion. Magdalena Baljon was talking with her about custom made interiors. The idea of the furniture designers of Novelle brand is comparing their designs to an extravagant, chic, elegant and fashionable woman. The individual approach to every collection is eliminating duplication of schemes, and yet they can create furniture that fit in the most classic trends. Novelle is most of all workshop but with a number of other services. They help with the interior design, they hire a group of competent advisers and as with a usage of a magic wand – they create custom made furniture.

What determines the fact that the space we are arranging is friendly and is full of positive energy?

Space is determined by a style. The most important decision is its choice. Then we carefully choose the details like shapes, textures, colors, floors, furniture and accessories. When we match all the elements, we get the entirety. The interior is gaining positive energy in which we are pleased to spend the time.

Is there a key in the designing process to please the majority or it’s just a subjective and individual issue?

I’m far from stereotypes and choose the needs of the client. It’s definitely the individual issue. Every person has a different needs and has a different lifestyle. It’s important for us designers or consultants to learn about the consumer needs. Then we are able to propose unconventional solutions which help us to create personal and timeless interior.

What’s the process of designing the interiors? Do we fit the furniture into the living space or the other way round?

It depends if the client uses the services of interior designers or he tries to do on his own. In the first case, the designer is creating a complex conception in a predetermined style. He immediately outlines the form of furniture and colors, so that the investor knows which direction should be taken and the whole concept to be coherent.

Usually, when the investor is designing the interior on his own, the walls and floors are ready, and it’s the time to put the furniture. In such case, the investor must fit furniture to the living space. Very often in such situations, it turns out that furniture doesn’t fit the conditions of an apartment which is a very common case in our company.

I recommend the cooperation with a professional interior designer, which can create the indoor design with the usage of our furniture. If it’s not possible, I also recommend our the help of our staff working in Novelle, which has the competence to make a project of the furniture arrangement.

What’s the process of designing furniture? Where it starts and where are the last cut and the finishing line?

First is a vision, market research, and verification if the certain product has a selling chance and if it’s adaptable to modern spaces. Then we create drafts – we choose colors, fabrics, dyeing and accessories. Then we create mock-up, which allows the precise combination of furniture and accessories and set priorities and the most distinctive elements of the newly created collection. I’m not designing only one product – it’s usually a couple of elements which create a concept, a new, fashionable space. It’s important for me to follow the rule that the design must be chic and extravagant. It often happens that the final product is out or is added to new furniture collection. At the end we refine the details, in a form and in a choice of accessories.



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