To which women TOMAOTOMO is dedicated for?

Each collection is most of all dedicated to women who want to show their beauty – not only outside but also inside. To women which are brave, metropolitan a little bit romantic but at the same time modern. I dedicate my brand for women, who want to speak the language of fashion, who are sensual, sexy, self-aware and who know what they want to show through the outfit.

What does TOMAOTOMO means?

Everyone asks about the origin of the name which history is linked with my first name.  Since I remember everyone calls me Tomao not Tomek. I just added „tomo”. The name fits to international market and I hope that someday TOMAOTOMO will be international brand.

GentleWoman’s site is dedicated to women who are brave, aware, modern –  in other words to women to whom you create your collections. Do you have a vision of GentleWoman?

GentleWoman is most of all a lady which I associate with businesswoman, the one that works and reaches for new achievements. These are two images. At work she is not necessarily wearing black suit with white shirt but rather fashionable outfit in a proper form, suited for the time of the day and the character of the work (…) For these women who are tired of looking outdated and are looking for new solutions, I propose sets from my latest collection, for example: pencil skirts matched with bomber jackets in ballerinas pattern. With a white shirt the entire set looks professional. GentleWoman is also a woman who always wants to wear tasteful clothes, especially during the night events. In this season GentleWoman is glowing and she can always fit into different situations.The thing I care the most is willingness and ability to speak the language of fashion in typical situations. She wants to in be centre of attention.

It seems to me that your DNA is all about those delicate laces, in which women have already fallen in love, but maybe you are planning to surprise us with something different?

Laces have always been a part of my collections. Even if they were not dominating they appeared in the finishing lines made of Italian or French laces. TOMAOTOMO is trying to create collection which will always be different. The fabrics can be really fancy and richly decorated but the characteristic cut is unchangeable – classic and simple. I named a modern elegance in exclusive edition and I consider it as brand’s DNA. I think we can say such thing about every collection: each is different, but I am delighted when I hear that it can be identified by seeing a fashion show or lookbook without the necessity of looking at the name of designer.

Today TOMAOTOMO has solid position on the market but you had you to start from something. Do you remember the first thing you designed?

The first thing I designed was lacy dress in beige with globed bottom, made of Italian lace and with bebe collar. It was shown at the fashion show in Poznań and it aroused great interest. To the present day this dress is chosen by women for different events, even for weddings. It was the first thing that made me realize that I want to be a designer for the rest of my life. When I was in a high school and at university I was creating some drafts which I was hiding in the drawer, some single designs for the closest friends and then when I graduated my projects saw the daylight. I remember that this dress was my motivation to go further.

Weronika Książkiewicz is your muse, isn’t she?

Indeed. Weronika is absolutely unique woman and this is pure friendship and it has nothing to do with business we just think the same way. This makes our relation really inspiring and Weronika is becoming closer to my heart.

Which trend in your opinion will soon conquer woman’s wardrobe?

I feel some changes: finally the discussion on furs will be abandoned and winter 2016/2017 is going to be all about fur variations. It is going to be colourful, we are going to mix different patterns, fabrics and the contrast in cut will be also noticeable. Without a doubt – winter is going to be surprising.


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