I decided to go there for three days since being there only for two is not enough and staying there more than three could make me feel like nothing more exist and yet the return is inevitable.

However, when I think about it sometimes, I am often wondering how it would be to actually stay there. The visit to Milan was an episode for me but this city is constantly teeming with live – it’s not a joke. We are sort of a joke, which is coming there just for a second, for a shopping, in a search of luxury which is a delusion of being a part of that world.

Any bag would not be able to change the mentality to a southern one, any shoes would not make us feel the love to celebrate life, the kind of love that runs in Italians veins.

Milan is impressive. For me, it is a kingdom of fashion.

In comparison – Paris has a hidden blast and tells the story which you are supposed to glorify. Women there are more made, proud and associated with Parisian beauty canon: they wear trousers, flat shoes, they are natural, toned down, elegant and they ride a bike. On the other hand women in Milan remind me piece of art. That is the reason why observation of the street is replacing me the walks in a museum. Everyone looks completely different. The street is conquered by colours, pattern combinations, the mix of timeless classic with a technology, beautiful, luxury fabrics, details, finishing line and accessories. Italian women look just like they are playing at home with clothes and shoes, where hats and fresh flowers are flying everywhere in their rooms. It is a nonchalant chic and lightness, the kind of a nonchalance which cannot be learnt or worked out. These are people who are inspiring. Milan is one of kind, this city is more focused on citizens than on tourists.

Milanese are the most important there, they are the main target group of the city trade. People who live and work there are wearing clothes from the most expensive designers in the world and making shopping at the most prestigious fashion houses. These are the same people who run in the morning in the Parco Sempione, in the afternoon buy dresses at Victor Emanuel mall house, in the evening go to see exhibition to art gallery, they eat dinner with friends in Via Manzoni and smoke cigarettes in front of Teatro alla Scala.

This city is for them. One might think that these the people are born under the lucky star. They are surrounded by beauty, art and the modern design. I think you can go crazy there.

The most pleasing were the walks on the streets including Via Monte Napoleone, Via Sant’Andrea, Via della Spiga, Via Gesu, Via Borgospesso – in a so called golden square (Quadtrilatero d’Oro), where the heart of international fashion industry is beating. The most exciting is the awareness that everything what I am reading about, what I am following as a catwalk relations, what I am looking at the magazines when I run my fingers across the pages – is just in front of my eyes, in reality, on the hangers, within my reach. The feeling of constant surprise, the admiration for window shops, petit signed, golden boards stating that this a boutique, this an atelier and these are the private apartments, I even remember the intercom with Roberto Cavalli name on it.

Each of these things make you feel like you are in the centre. In a fairy place where the history is being made, where the masterpieces are made by the most remarkable designers and all these things are for real.

The whole aura of this place is magical but to fully experience it you have to love fashion and feel its spirit. I do not know how long one can stand there but it is the world which will give you a headache. But it is worth it, it is worth to be carried away even for a couple days and return with a head full of inspiration.


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