Women love beautiful shoes. Christian Louboutin created high heels with red sole because as he says it gives woman self confidence and for men it is a green light. Aware woman chooses quality and accessories which will last ages. Finding the perfect pair of shoes can break a single heel that’s why we made this review of the most interesting shoes designers.

A – Aquazzura – modernity, luxury, comfort

Even though Aquazzura is quite new on the market – it was established in 2011 – the brand has already quite a few boutiques in the world and it gained great market recognition. It is one of few brand that has its faithful clientèle which consist of fashion experts, critics and  celebrities such as Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence, Beyonce or the members of royal families. Edgardo Osorio, fashion director of the brand, creates in very modern and luxury designs for demanding and fashionable women.

Osorio was titled the designer of the year for several times. Not only he was appreciated for the style of the designs but also for the comfort given his clients. Polish women also love Aquazurra and thanks to Joanna Przetakiewicz these shoes are available in LaMania stores.

B – Brian Atwood – glow, splendour and sensuality

If you need the spectacular shoes for special occasions for sure you will find them in Atwood. Splendour and glow are the words which perfectly describe the philosophy of his designs. This designer of young generation is creating for woman who is self-confident and lives and goes to sleep in a pair of high heels. The brand was established in 2001 and it quickly became really popular – maybe it is caused by a contribution of Gianni Versace in whose atelier Atwood was improving his skills and cultivating his passion for jewels and glam.

C – Casadei – its chic, class and elegance: designs of Charlotte Olympia and classic timeless of Christian Louboutin

Casadei high heels are one of the most admired shoes by celebrities. Its history dates back to the fifties of twentieth century when the marriage of Quinto and Flora Casadei opened their first shop with atelier. Production quality and elegant style are the main features of this Italian brand. It is impossible to mistake them with any other shoes. Women are constantly buying Casadei shoes because of their admiration to classic timeless models. Nothing makes them more classy and elegant than high quality shoes.

Charlotte Olympia chooses extravagance. This young designer creates very brave models. The most famous is Kitty moccasins decorated with kitten face and Dolly – pumps with characteristic gold sole in front. Even though it was set up in 2008, it is the most popular brand on the red in the USA. The biggest fans of Charlotte Olympia are Jennifer Olympia and Kim Kardashian. Even though the brand was set up in 2008, the brand is the most popular brand on the red carpet.

The alphabet would not be complete without Christian Louboutin. The most famous shoemaker and the author of the words “A good shoes is one that doesn’t dress you but undress you”. Even the most resistant to fashion recognize these characteristic high heels with red stole. The idea to cover the sole with red colour came up to Christian Louboutin when he was looking at his assistant’s red nails. Because of the huge amount of imitators, the brand decided to patent its characteristic sign. Before he created his own empire, he was polishing up his skills designing for big fashion houses such as Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel. Since 1991 this French designer is the favourite one of women who love shoes. One of his first client was Princes of Monaco Caroline and soon after Madonna, Catherine Deneuve, Tina Turner and Jennifer Lopez. These perfectly fitted high heels, comfortable and extremely elegant are the dream of almost every women.

G- reliable quality and details in accordance to Giuseppe Zanotti and Gianmarco Lorenzi’s power of colour

Giuseppe Zanotti is creating shoes for women and men since year 2000. He opened his first shop in Milan but he quickly became world famous designer. At the moment he owns 50 stores. His first collection was shown in New York where he immediately gained approval. Thanks to production quality and interesting details Zanotti’s shoes are still present on the red carpet – celebrities love these shoes which are definitely different from the classic Italian models. The brand is built on tradition but it is fitted into modernity. Since couple of years his muse and face of the brand is polish woman – Anja Rubik.

10 inch platform and 20 inches high-heels is the combination of beauty, art and glamour – this is the description of Gianmarco Lorenzi shoes. If you are brave and you like challenges the best for you are shoes from this Italian designer. Lorenzi has a reputation of perfectionist, he specialises in colourful, stiletto heels. Every opened minded lover of shoes will find here something.

J – Jimmy Choo – perfect London look

Jimmy Choo, British man of Malaysian origin, designed his first shoes at age of 11. He knew from the beginning that his dream is to create woman’s shoes. He begun to learn his profession in London and there he achieved his dreams by opening his first store. Soon he was joined by Tamara Mellon, a journalist of British Vogue, who invested in projects of this talented designer. Today this brand is an enormous empire which is selling not only shoes but also bags, accessories, sunglasses and cosmetics. In 2001, to the astonishment of everyone, in the most successful moment in the development of the company, the designer resigned from job. He argued his decision by saying that for him more important was designing, the process of handicrafts, and the way of the development of his brand turned out to be incompatible with his life’s philosophy. One of his favourites and the most loyal client was Princess Diana.

M – Manolo Blahnik straight from the „Sex and the City”

Next to Jimmy Choo and Louboutin he is one of the most recognizable shoe designer in the world. Carrie Bradshaw, the character from Sex and the City’ played by Sarah Jessica Parker, is the best advertisement and at the same time the “spokeswoman” of Manolo. Thanks to her admiration of the work of this Spanish designer of Czech origin, millions of women in the world begun to desire these incredible shoes. Each of his shoes are piece of art and he is used to be called the master of Haute Shoes. Madonna said once that Manolo’s shoes are better than sex. Could there be a better recommendation?

N – Nicholas Kirkwood – the complication of colours and fabrics

His first collection was made in 2005 and his first store was opened four years later in London. It is hard to mistake the designs of Kirkwood with anybody else. Brave mixing of colours and fabrics and the game with a form are the characteristics of his shoes. The manifesto on his site is directed to a self-confident women who perfectly know their value and who are having their own, unique style.

N – Nicholas Kirkwood – the complication of colours and fabrics

His first collection was made in 2005 and his first store was opened four years later in London. It is hard to mistake the designs of Kirkwood with anybody else. Brave mixing of colours and fabrics and the game with form are the characteristics of his shoes. The manifesto on his site is directed to a self-confident women who perfectly know their value and who are having their own, unique style.

P – Pierre Hardy – passion and self-confidence

Is there anybody who have not heard about the Parisian fashion house Hermes? The designers, however, always remain somewhat in the shade until they will not create their own brand. Pierre Hardy, French designer, for years commanded the accessories line in Hermes and also he was very successfully creating for Balenciaga. Finally he decided to create his own label which will collect his own creative designs. This French designer is creating for the brave women with passion and who like themselves. He combines his talent to art with the passion for fashion. As a graduate of sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts, he creates a real shoe art.

R – architectural approach of Roger Vivier

It is hard not to mention one of the most important shoe designer – Roger Vivier is the author of one of the most beautiful shoes in a history of fashion. The shoes which became the legend are the result of combination of his talent for designing space (he was an architect by profession) and passion for designing the shoes. The model of the shoes with a heel in a „comma” shape was specially designed for the show of Christian Dior. In his projects he was using fabrics such as silk, sequins at the same time breaking the convention by introducing totally new quality. The stars which were loving his designs were Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe or The Beatles, who were wearing them on the silver screen in the movies or in the music videos.

S – Salvatore Ferragamo and unusual fabrics, Steve Madden and breath of music of 70’s and Stuart Weitzman with the  golden shoes


One of the most luxurious fashion house, Ferragamo, was set up in 1920. The creator and instigator of the brand was creating the shoes mainly for the stars of the cinema world: Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich and decade later for Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren. Not unreasonably Ferragamo was called the visioner – thanks to him we have wedges and cage heel – a high-heel tampering to the point, which is a very stable support for the feet. He is one of the first man who was experimenting with a shoe production, using totally new fabrics such as: wood, cork, felt etc. After the death of instigator and creator of the brand, the business is run by sons of Wanda and Salvatore Ferragamo, who are creating one of the most interesting and most comfortable shoes.

Typical 'american dream’ came true in the case of the brand created by Steve Madden, which appeared on the market in 1990. Madden has just 1,100 dollars on his bank account when he was opening his company and he was selling his shoes in the car boot. The philosophy of a company was short – fashionable shoes in a decent price and the combination of fashion and music. Since the beginning Steve Madden ideally fit into trends. His first shoes, platforms inspired by music of 70’s, very quickly became one of the most desirable models. Business talent and  ideal timing with fashion are the characteristics of the designer.

Stuart Weitzman maybe did not make a career from rags to riches but he created one of the most recognizable shoe brand in entire America. The founder of the brand is making very distinguished models, most of them look rather like museum’s exhibits. Characteristic for the brand which distinguish Stuart Weitzman shoes are fabrics from which they are made. The famous one was made out of 24 carat  gold


W – Walter Steiger and banana heel


The brand with great traditions but still modern. What characterizes this brand is minimalism and the best quality fabrics. Walter Steiger started creating his shoes in the thirties of twentieth century but it was his son who successfully developed the ideas of his father. In 1947 he opened first shop in Paris and rapidly conquered the rest of fashion capitals. At the beginning the son of shoemaker gained his experience in the big fashion houses such as Calvin Klein, Chloe, Nina Ricci or Oscar de la Renta. Today the most recognizable model is the shoe with a heel reminding the shape of banana.


Find perfect pair

High-heels are probably one of the biggest female attributes. Carine Roitfeld, previous editor-in-chief of French Vogue is advising: „Always wear high heels. Yes, they give you power. You move differently, sit differently and even speak differently.” High-heels since decades are woman’s best friend, not only they make your silhouette slimmer and make an illusion of longer legs but also they give us more confidence. Perfect pair of high-heels is the one that is our card and paired with red lipstick is enriching even the simplest stylization.


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