Image that Touches Your Heart 

Kudzia claims that females are more willing to appreciate art because of their sensibility, sense of beauty and feelings caused by its reception, making them focused on visual aspects – in a contrary to men who more often think about financial aspects. Gentlemen look on the painting in a way to interpret it and to get to know the history which is happening on the canvas. Women very rarely perceive art as potential investment, on the other hand men require more help in a matter of choosing the right painting which will match to the interior design of the room. Women just know what they want. While they are visiting gallery they see the painting that touches their heart and immediately they think about purchasing it. In theory it sounds incredible, but what can be done if there are more art connoisseurs, who want to have the painting in their living room, than copies. With a help comes modern, exclusive and exceptional method – giclée

New Door to Art

Giclée is nor a print nor a reproduction. By this word we define limited work editions of the most famous artists of the last years. If you do not want to spend a couple of zloty on the painting, and at the same time you are satisfied by having a copy, giclée is the perfect option for you. Not only art collectors should observe this trend: although it is quite niche, it is becoming more and more powerful, and in future, paintings made by this technique will probably have a considerable investment value. The similar thing is already happening in the West where giclée is developing more dynamically. All the people interested in art should be familiar with this word.

Creating Process 

It is believed that The Scream painted by Edvard Munch exists in several copies. If it is true we can only imagine how work and time consuming the creating process of each copy must had been for this Norwegian painter. Additionally, they can differ in a used technique, ground surface etc., in conclusion: there is only one original The Scream. Naturally, beside the Munch’s example, history knows a great numbers of copying original paintings and in recent days things are similar – artists are frequently being asked to make a copy of a specific painting. Unfortunately this work is very time consuming therefore artists asks us to make a giclée: they trust us and know that limited edition of a painting still has a collectible value.

With Agreement and Will of Artist

How is it made? The creating process of giclée is quite complicated, it enables carefully reflect the character of the painting. Firstly we digitalize object, in other words, we are taking a photo in a very high resolution. It happens that there is a necessity to take a lot of shots to get desired effect, coherent in colour with the original piece. During this time the author is present to keep an eye on the process. Using the best quality cotton canvas and paints, we print the image in several copies. They are given to artist and in accordance to his preferences he introduces new touches, sometimes unnoticeable for untrained eyes. Canvas is stretched on the loom and the last step is issuance of certificate containing the information that the element of limited edition of this specific painting is faithfully replicated. The one of which the author was present during the creating process, he accepted it, took to his atelier and painted something which made this image one of a kind.

Giclée is also different from inkografia (inkographie) which is done on the paper. The main advantage of the giclée – copy made on canvas – is undoubtedly the possibility to sample the texture as the original one, to make visible brush strokes and other subtle elements. Inkography excludes the possibility to paint something additional with a brush, that is why the paintings made by giclée technique are gaining more popularity.

Art market in Poland is young and still develpos …”

 ... that state is heard since couple of years. Art, especially modern, is getting in Poland much more better. In recent years auction houses, for example Desa Uncum, reached the record in sales and the amount of clients has been significantly increasing. Limited supply, especially of famous works, is not discouraging collectors and people who are interested in art, who are looking for second Jasiński. It turns out that it is not as huge fad as it looks like. A couple of giclée pieces such as F1 or Thinking of Summer created by Dominik Jasiński, the most busy artist of the young generation, found its owners. Each painting has its own value but giclée can be even ten times cheaper than the original work. Elitism of art and its accessibility is the most difficult part of collecting the paintings, usually much more problematic than most of the sluice-gate price. The Och painting created by charismatic king of colour, comes from private collection and is not available for the market. However you can buy a giclée in Dagma Art. Your private art gallery can be extended to the works of Joanna Sierko-Filipowska. Her original works Night smell for Caravaggio and Night Smell for You are reaching the price of 55,000 zloty.

Thanks to giclé, art exhibited in galleries can be found in private houses. The work is not loosing its elitism and is marked by the hand of the author. From collector point of view limited editions of giclée are getting more desirable. They enable the creation of your unique art gallery, on which you do not have to spend the fortune.


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