Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

She was born in Reading – ceremonial country of Berkshire. Her family became wealthy thanks to mail order private company called Party Pieces, set up by Michael and Carol Middleton, which is selling party accessories. Earned money provided their kinds to obtain good education. As a 13 year old girl, Kate was attending Downe House – independent girls’ day and boarding school, where her life was not easy: it is said that she was not able to find herself in a hermetic circle. Her parents decided to move her to Marlborough College, where she was doing much more better. Growing education, experience and self confidence turned out to be straight road to relationship with Prince William.

He’s lucky to have me”-

– was Kate’s answer to the state made by one of her friends who was claiming that she must be lucky to be in a relationship with Prince William. The couple met at St. Andrews University in Scotland where they were studying together and in addition they lived at the same dormitory on campus. One of the interesting facts is that during the second year they were renting a flat with two other friends and just one year later they decided to live together in more intimate conditions. The evidence, proving their closer connections, were photos taken by paparazzi on one of their ski trips. The relationship was quite turbulent and in 2007 the couple broke up. It was not for long though, as they were not able to forget about each other and the break did not last long.

History likes to repeat

After 8 years of being together, the couple announced their official engagement on 16 November 2010. The fact that Kate is wearing engagement ring of Princess Diana, mother of Prince William, cannot remain unnoticeable. Their wedding day, which was declared a bank holiday in the United Kingdom, was held on 29 April 2011 at Westminster Abbey. The other interesting fact about wedding ceremonies is the amount of people observing the whole event. The route of groom and bride, across the London streets, was watched by million of  people and after the ceremony half of million went to Buckingham Palace. The rather conventionalized ceremony had a touch of modernity: it was live streamed on the internet (on the official British Monarchy canal on YouTube). To the very end the design of Kate’s dress was strictly guarded. Floral lace motifs were appliquéd by hand on silk net, creating floral print. It is said that workers who were responsible for this work had to wash their hands every 30 minutes to avoid making the fabric dirty. The overall price for the event is estimated for about £20 million. Even in a matter of ceremony costs William and Kate introduced some new arrangements: bride’s parents covered costs of wedding and reception, while the costs of security and transport were covered by Her Majesty’s British treasury.

Who is afraid of Kate M. ?

What people value the most about the Duchess is her modesty, naturalness and her asset of being from the “common” family. While she was waiting 8 years to be proposed by Prince William, the ‘Waity Katie’ nickname sticked to her. She was also accused of being boring which was probably caused by the great grades of the future Duchess, who received the highest final exams scores including maths. Kate still breaks the rules regarding some court traditions: she wears dresses from high street brands and instead of wedding gifts she asked for charity donations. Brave steps could cause concerns because hypothetical divorce could mark the end of the monarchy, therefore the fear of moving away from tradition should not be surprising.

Some people say: misalliance, the others: the chance to bring back the power of monarchy. One thing is certain. Catherine Elizabeth Middleton is one of the most influential women in the world.


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